Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Love-Your-Wife Day

Hi, everyone.  Did you know that today is Love-Your-Wife Day?  I didn't either.  I just made it up. 

What a better day than today to tell your wife, guys, how much you love and appreciate her!  I know, I know.  You tell her everyday already, from the time you open your eyes together in bed to the time you kiss each other goodnight.  And all the times in-between during the day, when you just grab her and say, "Sweetie, you are the best wife a man could have.  I don't know what I'd do without you."  Isn't that something you tell her, say, 12 to 13 times a day?

Well, I just decided that today will be a special day for my wife to read my blog.  Sorry if I'm exposing this surprise to the rest of the bloggerdom.  But I just have to.

Since I broke the vertebra in my back a couple of weeks ago (thank you all, btw, for your prayers!), I have had to do something very humbling--watch Adéye load the car with all seven children, clean the house by herself, and carry our HEAVY six-year-old up three flights of stairs every night because he falls asleep on the first floor. 

I have had to listen to countless "It's alright, honey, I'll do it"s. 

And countless "You stay home and rest"s.

But what I also hear countlessly is this, from other people: 

"I don't know how your wife does it."  (Scratching their heads.)


"Adéye, God has used your blog to change our lives!"


"She's a hottie."

She is.  And for that, I'm honoring you today, sweetheart, for all that you do and all that you are.

Happy Love-Your-Wife Day!


  1. What a great day!!! You Salems are an inspiration to us all. Love to both of you and hugs for all your beautiful children.


  2. Such a cute photo of you two! Love the way you love each other. :o)

  3. Thank you, Megan. You are a great friend!

    And thank you, Elle. I love that, too!

  4. Dude - first off - I'm glad that you are recovering well - and injury like that could be everything from easy / minor to (at least for a guy like me) a carreer ender / limited duty for life! And because you and I are - I think - much alike - do everything that the good doctor tells you - or be ruled (for the rest of your life!) by your decision!

    Next up - what a great idea - we all love them like that - but a random day to let them know - cool!

    And finally - because I can't pass up a chance since you brought it up - and to steal a line form a movie...."Dude - if I may say - your wife is a babe!"

    But more than that - you guys have got the 'look' - the one that lets people know that there is something extremely special and poignant in your relationship - very cool!


  5. Ha, thanks, Aus. Great advice. Fortunately I have a wife who keeps me on my toes.

    Yep, she's a babe.


  6. AWesome picture of you and your HOttie!!



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