Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wrecking Eyes of Jesus

When you think of Jesus’ eyes, you wouldn’t put the word “wrecking” in the same sentence.  But that’s how Heidi Baker described the eyes of our Savior in a vision she had of Jesus.  But this Jesus personally challenged her to be radical for Him in one particular area.  And He used His eyes to wreck her in it.

As a sixteen-year-old student living on a Native American reservation in Mississippi, Heidi came to the Lord through a Navajo evangelist.  Months later, she had her first vision that lasted several hours.  Jesus spoke to her audibly about being a missionary in Asia, England and Africa. 

But it’s an encounter years later, after already starting and serving in an orphanage in impoverished Mozambique, when Heidi recalls another powerful personal encounter with Jesus…

In 2006, I attended a conference in Denver where I met Heidi’s husband Rolland.  My life would never be the same.  We had just brought home our first adopted child, Hannah-Claire.  There I sat, listening to this humble man tell of amazing things God was doing through him and his wife Heidi in the impoverished country of Mozambique.  God has used them to frequently raise the dead, give the blind back their sight,…you know, common things we experience daily here in America.  (Yeah, right.)

But it was when Rolland spoke about Heidi and the orphanage they started that my heart was touched (or “wrecked”).

Why do I write a post like this one today?

Maybe I’m thinking of you.

Maybe I’m thinking of how you tell yourself how impossible it is to adopt just one child.

Maybe I’m thinking of how you beat yourself down, thinking you cannot do this in your own power, and you’re wondering if God will come through in His power.

I wrote this post today because “the eyes have it.”  The eyes of an amazing, powerful, loving, more-than-enough Jesus Christ our Savior.
“I died that there would always be enough.” 
                                                      ~ Jesus


  1. Love your blog. Love your wife's blog. Love what you guys are doing to my heart, and my husbands. We have been looking at a little girl on Reece's Rainbow, Josie 36F, and she has captured our hearts....just needing to take the next step. We come here for guidance, maybe a little bit of reassurance, and a reminder of the awesome things that come out of adoption.

    But this post bothered me a little bit. Maybe it's because I'm a "newer Christian" and I don't know a lot of what is contained in the bible. But those that get claim to SEE Jesus, flop on the floor, etc. have always scared me and turned me away from religion. It always seems to be a gimmick. How does a human raise the dead? WHY would you raise the dead? I know these aren't adoption questions, but after reading your blog, and certainly your wife's blog for a time, I feel you are pretty educated on the topic, and I respect you guys. There is bad press all over the internet about her and was shocked to see you follow her. Thanks so much for your heart, your time, and all that you do.

  2. Lauren,
    First of all, let me tell you how wonderfully gracious you are in your comment. You are concerned, yet humble.

    I also want to congratulate you on your entry into the family of God! You have stepped into eternal life with our Savior. It's really fantastic.

    Which leads me to your concern...the supernatural. There are so many Scripture passages that clearly state how God supernaturally acts, even today, but for the sake of this short response, please look at John 14:12, and read it in its context. Jesus is specifically speaking about miracles and wonders when He states "works." It's clear in this context as well as in other places in Scripture.

    And so, you're right. A human cannot possibly raise the dead. But God, who also had the power to raise His Son from the grave, raises people from the grave all over the world, even today.

    Why would people knock Heidi Baker on the internet? Because there are many, many people who have a problem with believing in any miracles whatsoever. And a miracle is a miracle. If God can do a small thing, can't He choose to do a huge miracle? After all, He IS God.

    Why would God raise people from the dead? That's an excellent question. All I can say is that He is merciful. Why would He choose to raise Lazarus and Jairus' daughter from their death? I don't question His motive, but boy, am I glad He does it!

    Please write to me personally, and my wife and I will be glad to offer further biblical perspective to this matter.

    God bless you, Lauren, and again, thank you for your graciousness!

  3. Over the past few weeks, there have been times when I've just had to put my head down and plow through out of obedience to God alone. I have to allow myself to be "wrecked" or I will run (probably screaming :o)) in the other direction. The fears & the impossibility of it all, as you mention, can be terrifying. But God just keeps coming through with answer after answer, reassurance after reassurance.

    He truly is more powerful than I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

  4. Elle, thank you so much for your comment. You represent a slew of other brothers and sisters in Christ who feel the same way. Thank you for your honesty.

    I know what that slogging through obedience feels like. But just know this: Jesus LOVES you madly, and it's out of that crazy love for you that you have an opportunity to throw those big momma burdens up to Him because "He careth for you"!

    Be wrecked, girl. Afterward, you'll stand up from it overwhelmed with His love, overawed with His willingness to love you, and over the moon for being so in love with your first love!

  5. I just sent a link to this post to my husband...something is triggering with me on this and I am not totally sure what it is. For months I have felt like God is calling us to big to quit work, homeschool, do MORE for the orphan. My husband even said once that he feels we are to have an orphanage, and we are just starting our third adoption....prayer for sure, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this.


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