Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Day at the Pool

The last day at our local pool was like the first day on Memorial Day--lots of rain.  But when it cleared up, the watermelon came out, and the shout came--"Let the games begin!"

My two older boys, Connor and Kellan, jumped in and hooped it up like the rest of them.

The Watermelon Toss rules are simple: Boys line one end of the pool, while the girls start at the other end.  Then a fat watermelon greased with vaseline is tossed in the center.  And it's a free-for-all. 

When someone gets it, they have to make it to their opponents' "end zone."  But they won't go without a fight.

Imagine a bunch of kids trying to pry a slippery melon out of your grasp.

Tons of fun.  But also, a bit of sadness.  It's been a wonderful summer at the pool, meeting new friends, and even growing up bigger than when the season started.

Can't wait for next summer.  Until then, we'll enjoy a crisp fall season with lots of beautiful leaves and fresh winds.

Enjoy your September!


  1. Haha! What a fun game! I just love fall--it hasn't arrived in my part of the country, but I'm certainly ready for it.

  2. That looks like just a big bunch of fun!! We used to vacation on the upper penn of Michigan - a little town called Cedarville...and on the 4th of july there was a parade that brought all of us to the 'downtown' - both blocks of it. In the park the fire department would lay down hugh tarps - and then fire supression foam - add a bunch of kids and a couple bucks with of coins - and you get a slipping sliding bunch of fun....and you can hose 'em off when you are done!

    Great stuff - aus and co.

  3. Looks like fun...and a little dangerous! hahaha

    If you get the urge to swim during the Fall, come on down for a visit. Our neighbors keep their pool open all year long!

  4. Elle, I love fall, too. In Colorado where we lived, it lasted two days. We went from summer to winter instantly!

    Aus, man, I'm jealous. That sounds like such fun. I didn't know that fire dept. foam was safe for kids to romp in.

    Kristin, we'll take you up on that. It'd be great to see you guys!


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