Friday, September 23, 2011

Prayers for Friends' Unborn Son

Wow, this is exciting.  My wife and I have been asking everyone we know to pray for the unborn son, Zac, of dear friends of ours in South Africa.  We have known Brett and Janine some fifteen years, having first met them on the mission field in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  They are both amazing musical worshippers who have an undying passion for Jesus Christ.

Doctors told them some time ago that he is in an urgent situation.  Zac's heart was not developing properly, and they couldn't even identify what kind of condition he has.  Lacking an aorta (the primary artery of the heart) and having only one of four chambers, only the power of God can save him.

This morning, we read Janine's blog post here that announced the miracle has begun!  God has supernaturally woven a brand new aorta in this little boy's heart!  However, Zac is still requiring urgent prayer.

Two words, friends.  "WE BELIEVE!"  Do you?  Then please join the army of prayer warriors across the globe to bring healing into this precious family's situation.


  1. God is TOTALLY ABLE!!!! Praise him!!! I'm on my way to their blog!
    Anne B.

  2. This just makes me cry!! Why can't more "believers" believe??? God bless this family. Will pray!!

  3. I believe and let me tell you that I am praying for Zac!!! Praying hard, and you know the best news.... I know that I am not alone!! Hugs!

  4. Thanks Ant for all your love and support! How we love and appreciate you guys!!! We can feel you and Adeye standing on either side of us.

  5. Janine, we are RIGHT THERE with you in spirit during this journey, as are countless others who don't even know you, yet love you and your family dearly. Just like those who've commented here.



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