Thursday, November 10, 2011


A Testimony by Rena

Adoption.  A priceless gift that warms my heart, sparkles my eye, and betters my world.
We are blessed to have experienced adopting four children. We are honored that God chose US to parent these amazing children.  Looking back on our adoption journey, I love to see God's fingerprints along the way. So many fingerprints, so many lessons.
Our journey began with us looking into international adoption. My heart had always been in Africa and Haiti, so that seemed a logical place to start. When doors kept closing, we found ourselves discouraged and heartbroken. We longed to hold the baby that God had for us.... somewhere in our big world! Little did we know He had been working for a while. We just couldn't see it.
On a Monday morning we got a call about a little boy, born over the weekend, ready to go to a home. God had pruned my heart to be open to His plan--a domestic adoption, rather than my lifelong dream of international adoption. My heart was so full as we welcomed home our first son!
A year and half later, when we began the process again, it only took six weeks to bring home our baby girl. Then, when the agency called us back a year later looking for adoptive families to match with their many birthmoms, we followed God's lead. This time, it was only five days before our second son was born.
We had a crazy, busy life, so thankful for the blessings God had given. Much to our surprise, God was preparing our hearts to adopt one more time, just another year later. Our first son's birthmom was expecting again. We knew God was telling us to begin the process one more time. We had to trust His plan. It didn't seem possible for us to handle. We then had a three, two, and one year old!! What was He doing?? But thankfully we again trusted His plan. We brought our fourth child home just over four years after bringing our first child home!
What an incredible gift each of these kids are to us!  We are so grateful for God bringing them into our lives. The miracle of adoption is simply that...a miracle. Tears drop as I think of the blessings we would have missed if we would have taken the path I had planned!
Adoption is a way to experience God's amazing love for us. He loves us so much, knows us so well, only He can plan our family perfectly. Praises to Him!!
Extremely Grateful,
Extremely Blessed,


  1. Yeah, Jane. I think it's made a lot of us cry. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  2. Rena, Your children are absolutely beautiful!! And so is your heart. When I read this: "God had pruned my heart to be open to His plan" I actually spoke the word "YES" out loud! haha! I know exactly what you are saying. God has pruned my heart too, to submit to His will, not my own, in this adoption process, and my goodness, what a good thing that is. :o) When I look back and see where I was 6 months ago, to where I am now, and how God has changed me so much, I can hardly believe it. Thank you for sharing a peek into your blessed family!


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