Friday, January 20, 2012

Asking for Stories

In preparing for the series next month on internet sex, I am looking for stories from married people who have been devastated by this, either from falling into the sin themselves or from having a spouse who did. 

If you would like to share how internet sex has destroyed (or nearly destroyed) your family, please send them to my email address at  And know that all stories I publish would be posted as from "Anonymous."

Thank you for your help.

1 comment:

  1. Anthony-

    A friend recently shared an aspect of pornography that I think goes untalked about.

    Her husband never had a problem with it until recently. When they got married they tried for two years to get pregnant. When they couldn't, they moved on to a fertility specialist. Apparently when they send the men off to a room to "produce a sample" the room they are in is FILLED with all kinds of trash and smut.

    Her husband, who never looked at it before, is now looking at it and has a problem because the door was opened for him at the fertility clinic.

    Everyone knows that couples who face infertility sometimes can feel that being intimate is more of a chore at this point than actual joy because they are so stressed about not being able to conceive. So when you throw them in a room full of....well, temptation becomes all powerful.

    Please bring this part of it to light...couples facing infertility need to be made aware of the dangers of that room!!!



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