Monday, January 9, 2012

Men and Pornography?

I'm reaching out to my readers (and lurkers) to ask you a very important question.

The topic of men and pornography has been heavy on my heart lately.  I am encountering more and more men who confide in me how the subject has been or still is a problem for them.  The statistics are staggering, given the number of Christian men, even ministers, who have struggled with this addiction.

Since this is a very sensitive subject, I simply want to ask you first: 

Should I or shouldn't I write a series of posts about this? 

Obviously, I would not publish your responses to this one-question survey.  But this might be a topic that needs to be addressed if it's not being talked about/prayed about in your churches. 

My goal would be to expose what the devil is doing and suggest his plan to impact men globally.  I am no expert or "prophet," but I do have strong feelings about this form of spiritual attack.  And I want to see nothing less than thorough, effective healing.  So if this interests you--either for your sake or for someone else who might benefit--would you please comment below?  And again, be assured I will not publish these comments (unless you state otherwise).

Thank you and God bless you!

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  1. A friend at church asked me to be an accountability partner with some software he has called x3watch. It tells the recipient (me) if he has been to any bad sites by emailing me every two weeks. You can download a free version, which is what I have. There are other paid versions for people with problems which I think have some forums or courses involved.
    I thought this was so good I put it on my pc also, though my accountability partner is my wife! I wanted her to know that I will never go to these sites and this is a great voluntary way I can show her my faithfulness on the internet. Obviously, if you struggle in this area, having your wife as your accountability partner might be an idea you want to think about first if you have a problem and have never told her.
    I have heard of another software called covenant eyes but I haven't looked into this so I don't know how it works.
    I don't mind this comment being shared if you (Anthony) feel it might be helpful in anyway.
    Personally, I would recommend this to EVERY body, not just those with a problem, especially pastors. I think pastors need this level of accountability, friendship and trust with each other.
    If anyone wants to be an accountability partner with me, I am absolutely fine with that. I will pray with you, talk with you, and listen to your issues. I'm not a counselor, an expert or anything, just an ear.


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