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The Ambush of Internet Sex: Online Resources

As we’ve discussed, addiction to Internet sex is a vicious trap that claims many victims, many of whom are Christian and even Christian clergy.

Below is a list of just a few resources I highly recommend as you begin your journey to recovery.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but they are my personal favorites.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find TONS of online resources out there, many of which are Christian-based and free of charge.  Word may not be getting out in enough churches about this problem, but it sure is in cyberspace.  What satan has done through the Internet to steal, kill and destroy, God has done through the Internet to form a bridge to healing.

Take your time and browse these sites.  At the least, you’ll find confirmation in numbers that there truly is hope out of this devastation, and at the most, you’ll find healing for your life, your marriage, and your family.

This is a great resource that’s something between a blog and a website.  There are wonderful resources there, testimonies, a blog, podcasts, and many, many topics on the sidebar that apply to just about anything you’re struggling with.  Porntopurity came out of Jeff’s own struggle with Internet sex.  Through his healing, he is able to help others, and his wife Marsha gives her perspective on being a spouse of a former addict.

What an excellent resource!  Blazinggrace is full of helping resources.  There are five-years’ worth of podcasts from its radio program with a wide range of sexual addiction topics, and you can access them all for free.  Its forums are fantastic, in which anyone can comment or ask for prayer.  Its informative, educational, and helpful in healing.

This is a powerhouse ministry for attacking Internet sex addiction.  They offer everything from a seven- to nine-month live-in program for addicts to phone counseling for them to a 12-week phone counseling program for spouses of addicts.  There’s even a way to ask questions online to trained counselors (graduates of the live-in program).  They do warn that because of the volume of questions, they may not get to every one, and if they do, there may be a long wait for a response.

Free In Christ is a popular online support for those addicted to Internet sex.  It’s in the form of a Yahoo group that works like a cyber support group.  Strict confidentiality is assured.  They also have several online tests to indicate whether you have an addiction problem or not.  And the brilliant letter to a “Long Lust Friend” I quote below from their site.

So let me leave you with this letter that can become a personal anthem as you say goodbye to a great enemy that has masqueraded as a dear friend all these years!

Dear Long Lust Friend,

I want to let you know how much I have valued your friendship over the years. You have been my most loyal companion.
           When I was sad, isolated, anxious and hurting, you comforted me. We celebrated life's successes and covered up the messy failures. Looking back I am amazed at your tireless devotion. Thank you for helping me cope with the never-ending challenges of life.
           I am sad to inform you that I no longer require your devotion. You see, though you have served me well, I have nothing left to give to this friendship. I have already given you the best years of my life by sacrificing relationships, opportunities, time and money. I willingly paid these exorbitant fees and, as promised, you introduced me to some of your closest companions; pleasure, sex, pornography, masturbation and fantasy. They too became loyal and trusted friends.
          The only thing I have left is my very life and I have recently given it to Another. His promise is that I will never thirst again; and oh how thirsty you have left me. There is a price for His friendship also, but luckily, the only thing I have left is the only thing He requires. I must admit, at first I was afraid of giving my life to Another, but fear is another invented friend of yours.
          He uses words like "abundance", "joy", "fullness", "blessings", "peace" and "freedom". My infinite Friend has a small voice that is hard to hear above the clanging noise of your vernacular ("fear", "despair", "depression", "panic", "irresponsibility", "doom" and "secrecy"). That is why I must sever all ties with you.
          My Friend lays claim to the title "Prince of Peace" and to be honest, I could really use some peace right now after all the insanity you have brought into my life. Everything is topsy-turvy right now; a byproduct of the life you helped me build.
          Like you, my Friend has companions. Among my favorites are intimacy, self-respect, truth, love and hope. Instead of dying of thirst, my thirst is dying down as I drink from His living water.
So, I am saying goodbye to you my long lust friend. I know that you are always near. I feel your presence often, but I no longer need you.

Your Once Faithful Friend,



NEXT POST: Grappling with the tough questions of how a couple should treat one another and communicate with each other during and after Internet sex addiction.

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  1. Good resources - a couple I don't know but that I'll check out - glad to have the information! Your next topic is a tough one - looking forward to it!

    aus and co.


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