Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Place Called "Here"

It happened instantaneously.

I thought about it when time froze still...

...When there was an anxious lull in the joking with some of my kids and good friends who came to the airport to share the moment with us.

...When we all felt the same racing in the middle of our chests, knowing it would be any second.

...When I lifted onto my tiptoes and craned over the heads of weary air travelers walking toward and past me, hoping to catch an early glimpse of my wife. 

One moment I was the father of seven children--three biological boys and four adopted girls.  The next moment, it was all about to change.

NINE children?  For real?

ME?  The former free-spirited fraternity boy who always got in trouble and never thought of the future?

I had in my mind that I would marry a hot babe and have two or three kids.  And that happened.  But then the number of beds grew...and grew...and grew.

Now I know why consulting fortune tellers is condemned in the Bible.  Because if I knew while in college what my future held, I WOULD RUN AWAY TO BORA BORA AND NEVER COME BACK!

Because that Scripture--you know the one?--that says God won't give us anything we can't handle, well, we wouldn't be able to handle it.

What if God told Saul while he was dragging Christians by the heels to prison that he would one day be imprisoned himself as one of them?

Or if Jesus concluded the Sermon on the Mount with--"Oh, by the way, the earth is round"?

Or if God told Nicole Kidman that she would marry Tom Cruise?

You're right.  We wouldn't handle that.

But God has us live in the moment.  In HIS moment.  Not ours.  Not our spouse's.

God has a way, if we let Him, of enabling us to do the impossible.  Not the impossible by Him, but by US.

If we live this way, moment by moment in God, we wake up one day and ask ourselves, "Wow, how did I get here?"  But it's a good place to be.  A place where our dreams and His dreams merge.  A place that brings us a sense of purpose, a sense of being smack in the middle of God's will, because we NEVER would've chosen to bring ourselves to this place on our own.

This is the place where the prophet Isaiah said, "HERE am I, send me" (Is. 6:8).  God brought Isaiah that that place called "Here"...and He's bringing you there, too...there to here.


  1. Morning bro - glad that your are there (or here or however you want to say it!!) - just glad you answered the call. Prayers for all y'all -


  2. Thank you, Aus. Little Hasya needs prayers now.


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